Apptimize lets you pair your app to the dashboard so you can make visual changes, create visual events as well as QA your experiments. When you pair your device, Apptimize creates a WebSocket connection between the device and the dashboard to enable you to use the aforementioned features. Apptimize matches the app key you used to initialize Apptimize in your app with the one in the dashboard to verify the connection.

For development builds, your device will pair automatically to the dashboard when the app is open (in the foreground).

If you are using a signed or production build (i.e. an app downloaded from the App Store or Play Store), you will need a pairing token to connect with the dashboard.

To obtain a Paring Token for your app open the apptimize dashboard, go to your Organization Details, then click on the app for which you need the Pairing Token. It will expand and you can find the pairing token listed below the Name attribute.

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