You have several options for adding in events as goals in your experiment.

Apptimize Events: You can create and track both, programmatic and visual events through Apptimize. Use the following guides on different options to do so:

Auto-Import 3rd Party Events: Apptimize automatically imports any events from accepted third-party analytics platforms that you may already have in your app. The supported platforms include Amplitude, Flurry, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Adobe Omniture, mParticle, and Segment.

  • Once you launch your first experiment and users begin to trigger events, events will auto import into Apptimize. 
  • For more information on Automatically Import events from your analytics provider, read more in our docs.

You can also create funnels to be used as goals in Apptimize using the following steps:

  1. Go to the 'Manage' view in the dashboard
  2. Open the 'Goals' tab
  3. Click on the 'Create Funnel' button
  4. Drag Events to the right in the desired order to create a funnel
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